Step 1. Make a game in Pinky

Step 2. Publish game to app stores (ex. MacOS, iOS, Android)

Step 3. Hope for fame and fortune

What is Pinky?

Pinky is a lightweight, open-source platform for developing cross-platform games and programs, with virtually no setup required.

The Pinky language is at the heart of the platform—it's a minimalistic language for scripting, inspired by QBasic and ZZT-oop, even though it doesn't really resemble either one.

The reference compiler for Pinky is around 1000 lines of Python code, so anyone can read it, learn from it, and build on it! Despite the tiny footprint, Pinky has everything a hobbyist needs to make games and other small programs, out of the box!

No obscure third-party libraries required.

Write once, run everywhere.

Try it out here!

Getting started with development

There are a couple ways to develop in Pinky. For anyone working at a home computer, the recommended way is to use the command line tool (written in Python)—it's the most quick, reliable and secure way. If you're unable to use the command line tool, use the web tools.

Command line tool

The main Pinky source file includes a command line interface for the compiler and player.

Get the source code from Bitbucket then run

Usage examples are below (executed from the pinky root directory).

./ ./demos/
./ ./demos/ -o ""
./ ./demos/ -o "" | nl | grep "100"

Web tools

To use the web tools, first you have to register your program at the page linked below.

Create a new program

If the program is successfully registered, you'll be redirected to the program editing page, where you can upload source code and resources through the file selector in the development panel.

Bookmark the program editing page immediately, so that you can find and edit your program later on! If you lose the link, there's no way to recover the program so you'll have to start over.

Web service

A simple REST-like web service is provided to allow building Pinky programs over HTTP. It powers web tool but you can also use it directly, through a tool like curl or Postman.

Documentation on the web service is coming soon.

Development resources

If you're interested in making a program in Pinky, the resources below will help you get started!


Below is a collection of programs written to demonstrate the basic capabities of the Pinky platform.


There's a lot of work in progress. Below is a list of what's on the way.

  1. web tools
  2. Mac OS VM
  3. stateful procedures
  4. gamelib simplification
  5. basic collision support
  6. improved keyboard support
  7. mouse support
  8. ProFont as default font
  9. sprite animation tool
  10. audio support
  11. cleanup core and gamelib (in progress)
  12. demo game
  13. iOS VM (partway done!)
  14. Android VM
  15. modernize website look and feel
  16. connectivity support (HTTP requests at least)

Fun links

  1. Pixel Joint an awesome pixel art community
  2. PROTOVISION someone out there still actively developing games for the C64!
  3. LÖVE a well-balanced 2D game framework featuring Lua
  4. ProFont an awesome free font

Why would anyone do this?!

A few years ago I wanted to make a simple 2D mobile game. I looked around at the popular frameworks/platforms, tried a few, and found they were either expensive, or overly complex and cumbersome, or lacking in cross-platform support. So I decided why invest weeks learning how to improve on an existing project, when I could spend years creating my own.