write cross-platform computer programs like it's 1991


Run programs that other developers made.


Create your own programs!


Find out how the language works.

What is Pinky?

Pinky is a minimalistic language inspired by QBasic and ZZT-oop script, even though it doesn't really resemble either one. The reference compiler is around 1000 lines of Python code, so anyone can read it, learn from it, and build on it! Despite the tiny footprint, Pinky has everything a hobbyist needs to make games and other small programs, out of the box!

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Coming soon!


There's a lot of work in progress; below is a list of what's on the way.

  1. web tools
  2. Android VM
  3. audio support
  4. gamelib revision

Fun links

Pixel Joint

An awesome pixel art community.


That's right, someone out there still actively developing games for the C64!

Why would anyone do this?!

A few years ago, I wanted to make a simple 2D mobile game. I did some research to find out what my options were for existing platforms and engines, and found that Cocos2D seemed to be the mostly widely used open-source platform. So I installed the latest version and fired up the first example program in Xcode...eventually. It wasn't as easy as I'd hoped to get started, it needed more disk space than I could afford, and the build and tools ran sluggishly on my 2014 MacBook Air. Cocos2D is packed full of terrific features, but features that I don't really need and that add complexity, translating to a more slow and painful development experience.

So I decided, why invest days learning how to use a framework or suite when I could spend a year or two creating one of my own!